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Cine Symphony

This section introduces musical films, films of various genres that feature music or musicians, and contemporary drama films in which music has been used crucially for the development of the drama. This year JIMFF presents a number of films that captivate the audience with both cinematic pleasure and touching music. In Cine Symphony, music films of various genres and themes await the audiences, including 〈Blood, Sweat & Tears〉, a dramatization of the life of the famous Dutch folk singer Andre Hazes; 〈Low Down〉, a heartbreaking story of the jazz pianist Joe Albany and his daughter; 〈Beck’s Last Summer〉, a story of a teacher who helps a student flourish their musical talent; 〈Have a Song on Your Lips〉, a Japanese film on the warm affection between a middle school choir teacher and students; and 〈Love Beats〉, a compilation of different kinds of love based on true stories accompanied by Thai pop songs.

Low Down

USA | 2014 | 114min | Drama

Director Jeff Preiss

Mon-rak Transistor

Thailand | 2002 | 121min | Drama

Director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang

Love Beats

Thailand | 2016 | 117min | Drama

Director Prachya Pinkaew

The Violin Player

India | 2015 | 72min | Drama

Director Bauddhayan Mukherji


France | 2015 | 88min | Drama

Director Denis Imbert

London Town

USA | 2016 | 90min | Drama

Director Derrick Borte

Life Is a Trumpet

Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, UK | 2015 | 93min | Drama

Director Antonio Nuić

Beck's Last Summer

Germany | 2015 | 99min | Drama

Director Frieder Wittich

Eddie Reynolds and the Iron Angels

Mexico | 2015 | 107min | Drama

Director Gustavo Moheno

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Netherlands | 2015 | 112min | Drama

Director Diederick Koopal


Belgium, France | 2016 | 127min | Drama

Director Felix Van Groeningen

Have a Song on Your Lips

Japan | 2015 | 132min | Drama

Director Miki Takahiro