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Music in Sight

This section presents music documentary films that closely portray the lives of famed musicians and situate them in their respective cultures. 〈50 Years with Peter, Paul and Mary〉, a story of a popular folk trio not only in the USA but also around the world for a long time; 〈Playing Lecuona〉, musicians playing the life and music of Ernesto Lecuona, father of Cuban piano music; 〈Arvo Pärt - even if I lose everything〉, a story of a modern music composer famous for meditation music; and other interesting music documentaries on the lives and music of Daft Punk, Janis Joplin, R.E.M., Björk and Vladimir Vysotsky will be screened under the section of Music in Sight.

50 Years with Peter, Paul and Mary

USA | 2015 | 78min | Documentary

Director Jim Brown

Daft Punk Unchained

France | 2015 | 84min | Documentary

Director Hervé Martin-Delpierre

13. Miguel Poveda

Spain | 2015 | 92min | Documentary

Director Paco Ortiz

Junk Story Hide 50th Anniversary Documentary

Japan | 2015 | 126min | Documentary

Director Sato Futoshi

Beatbox: Boom Bap around the World

France | 2015 | 52min | Documentary

Director Pascal Tessaud

We're Still Here: Johnny Cash's Bitter Tears Revisited

USA | 2015 | 54min | Documentary

Director Antonino D'Ambrosio

Too Young to Die: Vladimir Vysotsky

Germany | 2014 | 52min | Documentary

Director Matthias Schmidt

Janis: Little Girl Blue

USA | 2015 | 103min | Documentary

Director Amy Berg

R.E.M. by MTV

USA | 2014 | 107min | Documentary

Director Alexander Young

Playing Lecuona

Spain | 2015 | 115min | Documentary

Director Pavel Giroud,Juan Manuel Villar Betancort

Rienzi, the Republic of Rome

France | 2015 | 47min | Documentary

Director Pierre-André Belin


Poland | 2015 | 43min | Documentary

Director Vita Maria Drygas

Björk, The Creative Universe of a Music Missionary

Germany | 2015 | 52min | Documentary

Director Tita Von Hardenberg

8000 Miles from Hip Hop

Finland | 2015 | 80min | Documentary

Director Yu Kuang-chong

Song of Lahore

Pakistan, USA | 2015 | 82min | Documentary

Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy,Andy Schocken

Arvo Pärt - even if I lose everything

Estonia | 2015 | 90min | Documentary

Director Dorian Supin

Backstreet Girls - Return To Muotathal

Norway | 2015 | 87min | Documentary

Director Morten Kjølberg,Stian Andersen