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Korean Music Film Now

The sudden taste for music films that struck the Korean film industry in the mid-2000s has now become an industry trend. Korean Music Film Now presents a number of documentaries on music and musicians. Main character; 〈Blue Busking〉, a delightful story of high school colleagues who follow their childhood dream of forming a band; 〈Rude Paper : Road to Jamaica〉, a record of the process of producing an album with local musicians in Jamaica, home of reggae; and 〈Into the Night〉, a turbulent story of how the band The Monotones was formed and released their debut album, are some of the films that will meet the audience as well as other 11 short music films including 〈Ournation〉, a documentary that portrays the past and present of the Hongdae music scene.

Into the Night

Korea | 2016 | 93min | Documentary

Director Karl Jae-min

For the End of Time

Korea | 2016 | 67min | Documentary

Director Kim Dae-hyun

Who Killed Kim Kwang-seok?

Korea | 2016 | 81min | Documentary

Director Lee Sang-ho

Rude Paper : Road to Jamaica

Korea | 2016 | 93min | Documentary

Director Byeon Woong,Kim Ki-woong

Bistari, Himalaya

Korea | 2016 | 96min | Documentary

Director Park Jung-hun

No Preparation for Old Age

Korea | 2016 | 100min | Documentary

Director Lee Dong-woo

La Bayadère

Korea | 2016 | 102min | Live Film

Director Kim Soo-gi

Blue Busking

Korea | 2016 | 95min | Drama

Director An Jae-seok

The Magic Flute

Korea | 2015 | 106min | Live Film

Director Myron Jung