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‘One Summer Night’ is a special concert that takes place at a summer night by the Cheongpung Lake, and is one of the most loved feature of JIMFF. This year, we have prepared a wide range of programs including ‘PICK UP THE MUSIC’, where actors become special curators and talk about musicians; ‘Midnight Vibe’, where everyone can dance in the moonlight; and the last night’s ‘Eternal Summer Night’, which will soothe those who are not ready to say goodbye. Film screenings and music concerts by the beautiful lake in a summer night will present an unforgettable experience only JIMFF can offer.

Total Counts : 3

Special Curator Project – PICK UP THE MUSIC

20:00 10. Aug(Fri) / Cheongpung Lakeside Stage

[Musical Performance] TONUS TRIO, Park Hae Il (Special Curator) , Yoon je moon (Special Curator), SU AE (Special Curator), N E L L, Bek Hyunjin, Seedless Watermelon Kim, CR Taegyu

Midnight Vibe

20:00 11. Aug(Sat) / Cheongpung Lakeside Stage

[Cinema Concert with band SINSUM], Zion. T, HYUKOH, Car, the garden

Eternal Summer Night

20:00 12. Aug(Sun) / Cheongpung Lakeside Stage

[Cinema Concert with band SINSUM], KIM YEON WOO, SORAN, MARTIN SMITH