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‘Uirim Summer Night’, which marks its fourth year, is a representative music program of JIMFF and, this year,you will not only enjoy performances of various genres and high quality music films for free, but also experience the stage of participants of JIMFF Busker Festival 2018. Uirim Summer Night that takes place at Uirimji boasting its beautiful lake view and excellent night scene will present an unforgettable memory to the audience.

Total Counts : 4

1st Night. Blue Night

18:30 10. Aug(Fri), 2018 / Uirimji Stage


2nd Night. Red Night

18:30 11. Aug(Sat), 2018 / Uirimji Stage

Band Soultrain, Sinchon Blues

3rd Night. Gold Night

18:30 12. Aug(Sun), 2018 / Uirimji Stage

Stella Jang, Paul Kim

4th Night. Purple Night

18:30 13. Aug(Mon), 2018 / Uirimji Stage

Tatles, Yoon Su Il