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JIMFF Busker Festival, the so-called Street Musician Festival is a special music program of JIMFF that introduces competent musicians and meet the audience from the closest distance. During the Jecheon International Music Film Festival, where you can enjoy film and music at once, musicians fill various places including Uirimji Stage, Megabox Jecheon Stage and Jecheon City Cultural Center Stage with music through their performances. In particular, this year’s JIMFF Busker Festival has the newly selected 8 musicians as well as JIMFF Busker
Festival musicians from 2017 participate to make a more colorful stage.

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JIMFF Busker Festival 2018

12:00 ~ 18:30 10. Aug(Fri) ~ 13. Aug(Mon), 2018 / Megabox Jecheon Stage, Jecheon City Cultural Center Stage, Uirimji Stage, Jecheon City Area

Kim Jae Hoon, Momentale, Sugar Box, EINSTOWN, WeAreYoung, You Ae Po, HeMeets, W24