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제16회 제천국제음악영화제


The Polish Dancer

Cinema Concert

  • Poland
  • 1917
  • 62min
  • DCP
  • B&W
  • Drama
  • Instrumental
  • Asia Premiere


The drama revolves around a love triangle. Pola is from a small village. There she falls in love in Dmitri. After an argument with her parents, she decides to run away from the village. She gets her boyfriend drunk and takes his money. Soon after that, thanks in part to her luck, she becomes a famous dancer. She meets Alexis, a rich entrepreneur, who promises to marry her. Pola is unaware that Alexis has a wife. She also fails to realize that the vengeful Dmitri has appeared in town.


Aleksander Hertz

Aleksander Hertz (1879~1928) was film director, producer and lawyer. Member of the Polish Socialist Party and independence activist forced to leave the country in 1908. After his return and under police surveillance, Hertz was looking for other fields of interest and found cinema. He co-created Sfinks Warsaw Society of Shareholders and soon opened the movie theatre Sfinks and an office to import foreign films. Developing his business step by step, he evolved from a distributor into the leading Polish producer. Sfinks made over 40 feature films and dozens of shorts. Hertz worked with the best directors, cinematographers, screenwriters and actors.



  • ProducerAleksander Hertz
  • CastPola Negri, Witold Kuncewicz, Jan Pawłowski
  • ScreenwriterAleksander Hertz
  • CinematographerWitalis Korsak-Gołogowski


Friday Night Mystery Universe

Four musicians orbiting the universe along an unpredictable track​

“Mystery Universe” is a stage where you can meet musicians with unrivaled individuality as if they landed in front of us after orbiting an unknown universe along an unpredictable track. Heize, sunwoojunga, So!YoON! and SAAY will present a special gift of music from the undiscovered universe at JIMFF Cheongpung Lakeside Stage.


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