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제16회 제천국제음악영화제



Theme & Variations
  • USA
  • 1970
  • 224min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Documentary
  • Rock


In 1969, for three days in the rural town of Bethel, New York, half a million people experienced the most defining moment of their generation; a concert unprecedented in scope and influence, a coming together of people from all walks of life with a single common goal: Peace and music. This documentary captured the essence of the music, the electricity of the performances.


Michael Wadleigh

A native of Ohio, Michael Wadleigh entered films in his early twenties as a cinematographer on independently-produced low-budget films <David Holtzman's Diary>, <Call First>, both in 1967 and <My Girlfriend's Wedding>(1969). Billed as Michael Wadley, he gained notice from critics who followed independent and underground films. His films, primarily aimed at counterculture audience.


  • ProducerBob Maurice
  • CastJoan Baez, Richie Havens, Roger Daltrey
  • CinematographerMalcolm Hart, Michael Margetts
  • EditorJere Huggins, Thelma Schoonmaker, Martin Scorsese, Michael Wadleigh, Stanley Warnow, Yeu-Bun Yee
  • SoundLee Osborne


TimeTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert