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제16회 제천국제음악영화제


Stammering Ballad
China | 2018 | Korean | 90min | DCP | Color | Documentary | Folk


Three decades ago, with the help of United Nations, thousands of population of a remote village was relocated from the desert to the banks of the Yellow River, nearby a city, while most of their local ballads and folk music that had been sung for generations were lost. But this young man, who got stammered since childhood, learned many folk songs to treat his stutter. The treatment was failed, but he became crazy about the folk music of his homeland. For last seven years, he stayed away from home to make a living as a touring singer.  

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Zhang Nan

Zhang Nan was born in Gansu, China in 1986. Graduated from Communication University of China, he used to work for CCTV9 Documentary Channel as a director of China Central Newsreel and Film Group. In 2014, he founded PANGO Pictures to be an independent filmmaker. He produced and directed more than 8 short documentaries, including several award-winning ones which all aired nationwide through CCTV9, the documentary broadcasting channel of China. 

: Chen Ruby, Ha Sinae, Zhang Yong
: Zhang Ga-song
: Zhang Nan
: Feng Xi, Zhang Nan, Lee Once
: Zhang Ga-song