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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival


Light Up
Russia | 2017 | Korean | 98min | DCP | Color | Drama | Classic


Alevtina Romanova is a penal officer in a women’s prison colony. Her image of a stern officer is betrayed only by her voice - a kind of voice to be envied by opera stars. She has been embarrassed of her gift since she was a child and now sings only when she stays alone, to herself. Once, her secret is revealed - an inmate records a video with her cell phone and uploads it in the internet. The video is a hit, and Alevtina is invited to Moscow to the country’s most popular song contest. The woman is eager not to miss her chance, and finally, to change her life.  

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Kirill Pletnyov

Kirill Pletnyov graduated from St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts as stage and film actor. In 2015 he graduated from the Film Institute VGIK. His shorts have won at leading festivals and received awards in Russia: a diploma at St. Anna student film festival, Kinotavr short competition award and Golden Eagle Awards Best Short. < Light Up > is his first feature film. 

: Ruben Dishdishyan, Vadim Goryanov
: Inga Oboldina, Viktoriya Isakova
: Kirill Pletnyov
: Sergey Michalchuk
: Artyom Michaenkin

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