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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

The Goose Goes South
Korea | 2018 | 110min | DCP | Color | Drama | Pop, Rock


When his boss Dae-jung goes missing in a ship accident, the company sends Woo-zoo to Osaka to finish Dae-jung’s work. On the last day, Woo-zoo comes across someone looking like Dae-jung and chases him to Taisho area in Osaka. He ends up in a small bar, 'Pier 34', whose owner, Snow, somehow reminds him of Dae-jung. Listening to his music brings back memories, he falls asleep and misses his flight back to Korea. He quits his job on a whim and begins an unplanned vacation at Pier 34. 

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Baek Jae-ho

After establishing his career as an actor, Jae-ho decided to move into film-making. He was the co-producer, co-cinematographer and actor in < Ordinary Days >(2013), and a producer in < Santa Barbara> (2014) and < Jane >(2016). He debuted as a director in 2014 with < We Will Be Ok. >, < The Goose Goes South > is his second directorial feature. 

Lee Hee-seop

Hee-seop ompleted MFA at the graduate school of Dongguk. Currently working as cinematographer and director. He worked as a cinematographer for < The Winter of the Year was Warm >(2012). < The Goose Goes South > is the first film he directed. 

: Lee Jong-eun
: Kang Doo, Hori Haruna, Snow
: Baek Jae-ho
: Lee Hee-seop
: Jo Hyun-ju
: Snow

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