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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival


Soz: A Ballad of Maladies
India | 2016 | Korean | 85min | DCP | Color | Documentary | Hip-hop, Rock


Of folk, rock and hip-hop, the film is a portrait of different cultural practitioners whose work engages with the political upheavals and its social costs in contemporary Kashmir, the world’s most heavily militarised zone. In a journey through the metamorphoses of Kashmir’s traditional art practices into its contemporary arts of resistance, the film unfolds a transformed cultural fabric of the valley, which departs from the notion of Kashmir as a ‘paradise’.  

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Tushar Madhav

Tushar Madhav is interested in the geopolitics of contemporary and folk art and has been making documentaries around the theme. He also conducts workshops on finding audio-visual alternatives for storytelling with organisations that work with juvenile criminals and underprivileged girls. 

Sarvnik Kaur

Sarvnik Kaur is a Mumbai-based screenplay writer. She’s been working in the Hindi film industry for the past five years. Her first novel [Where Arrows Meet] was published in 2012.  

: Rajiv Mehrotra
: Sarvnik Kaur
: Tushar Madhav, Nagaraj Rathinam
: Tushar Madhav
: Parvaaz, MC Kash, Poetic Justice, Mushtaq Saznawaz, Shabbir Saznawaz, Gulzar Ghanai, Wathura Bhaand Group

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