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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

The Cameraman
USA | 1928 | 76min | DCP | B&W | Drama | Crossover


Buster spends days taking snap shots of people on street. One day, he gets attracted by a pretty lady in one of the pictures he took. In unstoppable crush on her, he manages to figure out that she works at the office of MGM Newsreel. In order to get noticed by MGM, he struggles to operate a camera he is not even familiar with. 

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Edward Sedgwick

He was a film director, writer, actor and producer. In the late 20s, he signed a contract with MGM and coproduced 9 feature fi lms with Buster Keaton.  

Buster Keaton

Joseph Francis Keaton Jr. was born in 1895 in Kansas. When at 6 months he fell downstairs, miraculously unhurt, he was given the name ‘Buster’. At age 4, Buster had already began acting with his parents on the stage. In 1917, he made his debut as an actor with < The Butcher Boy >. As a director and actor, he has completed a number of films including < Sherlock Jr. >(1924), < The General >(1926), < The Cameraman >(1928). He died in 1966 in California.
: Buster Keaton, Lawrence Weingarten
: Buster Keaton, Marceline Day
: Clyde Bruckman, Lew Lipton
: Reggie Lanning, Elgin Lessley
: Hugh Wynn, Basil Wrangell


Eternal Summer Night

One Summer Night’s last night, ‘Eternal Summer Night’ will soothe those who are not ready to say goodbye.
‘KIM YEON WOO’, our time’s best vocalist who heals and moves people’s heart with his singing; ‘SORAN’, ‘SORAN-style detailed and lovely lyric’ and ‘SORAN-style pop’ without any barrier of genre; and ‘MARTIN SMITH’, pop duo that sings a whole movie with music containing the thrill of love and break-ups. ‘Eternal Summer Night’ will remain in our hearts long after the end of summer.

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