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‘Summer Night Breeze’ is a one-stop accommodations package designed for enjoying JIMFF comfortably. The package includes accommodation, tickets (Movie tickets or One Summer Night ticket), breakfast service, birthday party, and other fun events. It also offers ‘Babam Bar’, a late-night mini screening with snacks. Welcome to Summer Night Breeze and make special memories together.


  • Operation Period

    10. Aug(Fri) ~ 14. Aug(Tue), 2018 [4 nights and 5 days]

  • Package Details

    Film Package : Accommodation + Film tickets (2 Tickets for 1 night) + Summer Night Breeze package

    Performance Package : Accommodation + One Summer Night ticket (1 Ticket for 1 night) + Summer Night Breeze package

  • Venue

    Semyung Univ. Dormitory

  • Inquires

    Tel: 02-925-2242 (extension no.3: Media Management Dept. the person in charge of Summer Night Breeze)
    E-Mail: tour@jimff.org

  • For FILM PACKAGE, film reservation will be made through E-mail as well. Tickets for the films will be issued at the on-site box office of MEGABOX Jecheon or Jecheon City Cultural Center on the day of the screening after checking ID or reservation number.
  • For PERFORMANCE PACKAGE, ONE SUMMER NIGHT tickets will be issued at the on-site box office of Cheongpung Lakeside Stage on the day of the performance after checking ID or reservation number. (Reservation is not necessary for the performance)
  • Make sure to check the right on-site box office. You CANNOT get film tickets at the on-site box office of Cheongpung Lakeside Stage, and you CANNOT get ONE SUMMER NIGHT tickets at the on-site box office of MEGABOX Jecheon or Jecheon City Cultural Center.


  • Address

    544-1 , Sinwol-dong, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

  • Facilities
    • 2 bed room : 2 Desks, 2 Lockers, Bathroom, Hot showers, Air Conditioning
    • 4 bed room : 4 Desks, 4 Lockers, Bathroom, Hot showers, Air Conditioning
    • 6 bed room : 6 Desks, 6 Lockers, Bathroom, Hot showers, Air Conditioning
  • Operation Hour
    • Check-In : 15:00 ~ 24:00
    • Check-Out : 09:00 ~ 11:00
  • Bedding(pillow, blanket and so on), personal toiletries, towels and other personal items are not included.


Type 1 Nights And 2 days 2 Nights And 3 days 3 Nights And 4 days 4 Nights And 5 days
Film Package KRW 28,000 KRW 51,000 KRW 72,000 KRW 90,000
Performance Package KRW 43,000 KRW 81,000 KRW 118,000 -


  • Reservation Period

    14:00 19. July(Thu) ~ 18:00 20. July(Fri), 2018

  • Number of possible guests

    From 1 person to 6 people

  • How to Reserve

    A. Download a booking form below. (bottom of the page)
    B. Complete the form with the following information : name, contact number, sex, date of birth, E-mail address, package course, accommodation date, the number of night
    C. Send the booking form to tour@jimff.org
    D. Make sure to put your last name at the end of the file’s name
    E. Confirmation E-mail will be sent as booking confirmed.

    EX. Simon Baker - ‘Summer Night Breeze Booking Form_Baker.xls’

    JIMFF2018 Summer Night Breeze Application Download

  • Payment

    Payment is made at check-in only by cash

    (Other monetary means are unavailable)
    - Account Deposit: Nonghyup 026-01-121461
    - Account holder: Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

    After submitting an application, you must deposit within 1 day(24hours), and your reservation will be completed.

  • Cancellation

    Period 14:00 30. July(Mon) ~ 18:00 31. July(Tue), 2018

    How to E-mail ONLY. ( tour@jimff.org )

If you want to cancel and refund after cancellations period, you have to pay cancellation charge(70%)

After 7. AUG(Tue), refund or cancellation is IMPOSSIBLE


  • The change of booking is unavailable after receiving a confirmation E-mail.
  • The room will be assigned when the payment is complete.
  • An applicant who make a reservation alone may share a room with others.
  • Summer Night Breeze is on a first-come-first-served basis and applicants cannot change the package type after applying.
  • Applicants can confirm current status of application, deposits and reservation approval numbers from confirmation E-mail.
  • The Film Festival is not responsible or liable for any damages resulting from the fraudulent transaction.
  • Film Package owners will be provided reservation approval numbers that makes online and on-site reservations possible. Please refer to the Summer Night Breeze section of the official website for more details and questions regarding reservations.
  • For more information, please check the official website. (www.jimff.org)