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JIMFF Neighborhood Cinema

‘JIMFF Neighborhood Cinema’ brings film screenings to unconventional venues. It is a unique JIMFF program that presents the festival audiences with a special experience of watching movies at unfamiliar places and expands accessibility to films for Jecheon citizens. This year’s JIMFF Neighborhood Cinema will include performances of JIMFF Busker Festival 2017 participants who heated up the whole Jecheon area in 2017 to spice up the unique atmosphere of JIMFF.

Program Schedule
Date Venue
19:30 10. Aug (Fri), 2018 Wangbawee Park
19:30 11. Aug (Sat), 2018 Shinbaek Children’s Community Center
19:30 13. Aug (Mon), 2018 House of Salesio

※ The schedule may be changed depending on the situation.

Cool Cinema

Jecheon International Music & Film Festival has a small but cool container theater. No needs to pay or make a reservation. Jecheon International Music & Film Festival provides a small but special theater with an air conditioner so that any audience can take a break, avoiding the hot summer heat. ‘Cool Cinema’, a complex cultural space shows various content.

Venue Jecheon City Cultural Center
Date 10. Aug(Fri) ~ 13. Aug(Mon), 2018

Pop-up Cinema

‘Pop-up Cinema’ is a special program of JIMFF, a guerrilla-form screening that goes to where the audiences are gathered. You can run into the Pop-up Cinema unexpectedly like good luck, which will heighten the JIMFF atmosphere with its short film and music video screening. It will provide the audiences with a time to take a short break.

Venue Jecheon City Area
Date 10. Aug(Fri) ~ 13. Aug(Mon), 2018

Blue Night Cinema -
Jecheon Citizen Park

‘Blue Night Cinema’ greets the audience for the first time this year. It is an outdoor screening program that takes place at Jecheon Citizen Park surrounded by green trees in city center. Jecheon Citizen Park was highly popular among Jecheon citizens as the venue for JIMFF Neighborhood Cinema in 2017. This year, it will be the venue to screen films from JIMFF to further elevate the music & film festival atmosphere. ‘Blue Night Cinema’ will be a charming JIMFF program encompassing the cool summer breeze and romance, presenting an unforgettable memory to the festival audiences.

Venue Jecheon Citizen Park
Date 20:00 10. Aug(Fri) ~ 13. Aug(Mon), 2018
Blue Night Cinema Screening Schedule
Date Screening
20:00 10. Aug(Fri), 2018 Fiction & Other Realities
20:00 11. Aug(Sat), 2018 The Goose Goes South
20:00 12. Aug(Sun), 2018 Cine Symphony Shorts 2
20:00 13. Aug(Mon), 2018 Super Disco