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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Special Exhibition : More Hope JIMFF

Since its commencement in 2005, Jecheon International Music & Film Festival introduced various music films to the audience. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, JIMFF plans a special exhibition through the collaboration with the visual artist Novo. This special exhibition visualizes the films of JIMFF directly or metaphorically via Novo’s artistic style - which includes diverse genres and wittily conveys one’s stories. A live painting performance of the artist Novo will take place at the special exhibition. Using the exterior wall of a container as a large canvas, the live painting is adding liveliness to the work and presents unique amusement to the audience.

  • Venue
    Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage (former.Dongmyung Elementary School)
  • Date
    August 9 (Fri) - August 13 (Tue), 2019 11:00 - 20:00


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Novo   @novoing

Novo, the representative visual artist of the Korean millenials, sensuously conveys his stories through diverse genres including installation art, painting, and drawing. His works begin by assigning meaning to daily life such as childhood drawings or doodles, and it becomes motifs of his final works. Novo’s works are subtly connoted by symbolized meaning of words, alphabets and numbers. Novo constantly challenges the conventions through various channels including his artworks, stage art of dance performances, and brand collaborations.

Live Painting Performance

Venue : Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage (former.Dongmyung Elementary School) Date : August 10 (Sat), 2019 16:00