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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

JIMFF Forum -
100 Years of Korean Cinema, Songs of the Times   Program Event Book

Music was a crucial element of music from the early phase of the near-century history of Korean film. The history of film theme music started from the mid 1920s, and music films emerged alongside the employment of talkies in the 1930s. The Blue Hill and Popular Songs in the Past 50 Years are particularly invaluable works of historically significant music films. Both were recently excavated though they were known to have been lost, interestingly portraying the collaboration between the pop music of that time and films. Despite the frustration in their state of preservation, both are sufficiently charming works when it comes to watching film through music and vice versa. The second part of JIMFF Forum will examine the production trend of contemporary Korean music films and the film-historical significance of the film Radio Star replete with the 2000’s nostalgia. Celebrating the centenary of Korean film, this program is co-hosted by Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, Korean Film Council, The Committee for Korean Film 100 Years, Korean Film Archive and Korean Association of Film Critics.

Session 1 A Precious Discovery of Korean Music Film <The Blue Hill> and <Popular Songs in the Past 50 Years>
Date August 11 (Sun), 2019 15:30
Venue Megabox Jechoen 5
Lecture Lee Junhue, SungKongHoe University Lecturer
Panel Kim Jongwon, Korean Film Historian
Session 2 13 Years After <Radio Star>
Date August 11 (Sun), 2019 17:00
Venue Megabox Jechoen 5
Lecture Youn Sung-eun, Film Critic
Lee Junhue (SungKongHoe University Lecturer)

One who seeks songs, writes history through songs, and perceives the world through songs. Finished the coursework in Korean classical pop music from the Academy of Korean Studies’ Graduate School of Korean Studies and published related books and papers. Planned and produced records including [Nam In-soo Collection], and participates in broadcasting programs including the Korean TV program [The Crossroad of Music]. Vice president of the classical song lovers meeting, “Yoo-jung Chunli,” and is a lecturer of pop music and pop culture.

Kim Jongwon (Korean Film Historian)

The current executive advisor of the Korean Film Critic Association and Korean film historian. A first generation film critic and founding member of the Korean Film Critic Association in 1960. Still active in the field after spending four decades as a member, consecutively worked as the adjunct professor of Cheongju University, Dongguk University, and Korea National University of Arts.

Youn Sung-eun (Film Critic)
A Doctor of Film Studies, film critic, program director of the Wildflower Film Awards Korea. Editorial member of the culture and arts monthly magazine, [Cultura]. Received the Critic’s Award of the Performing Arts & Film Review (PAF) Arts Award, Best New Critic’s Award (2011) of the 31st Korean Association of Film Critics Awards. Published [A Tale of Three Cities](2018), [When Romance Met Comedy](2011), [Understanding Video](2009), and regularly makes an appearance at the EBS [Education News], YTN [News Night], and SBS Love FM [Ko Hyun-jun’s News Briefing].
Time Code Note Title R/T Theater Sub Rate
12:30 072 Free The Blue Hill, Popular Songs in the Past 50 Years 116 M5 NE G
15:30 비지정 Free Session 1. A Precious Discovery of Korean Music Film <The Blue Hill> and <Popular Songs in the Past 50 Years>   M5   G
17:00 비지정 Free Session 2. 13 Years After <Radio Star>   M5   G
18:30 082 Free Radio Star 114 M5 NE 12