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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Like or Not?!

Class is a group participatory program first launched at the 15th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, and we invite special guests who are from various fields from art, music, photography to liquor communicate with the audience through a specific theme and do hands-on activities. “Like or Not?!” provides the pleasure of knowing one’s taste and preference over the level of common hobbies.

※ No English Translation

※ The time of the event may be changed/canceled according to the situation on site.

How to Apply
Entry Fee ₩5,000
Application Term July 25 (Thu), 2019 14:00 - August 11 (Sun), 2019 13:00
Application Time Website: Open 24 hours during application term
On-site box office: Open during the operation hours of Megabox Jecheon, Jecheon City Cultural Center’s on-site box office
Application Method Online: E-mail to media@jimff.org
On-site box office: Apply at Megabox Jecheon or Jecheon City Cultural Center’s on-site box office
  • Cancellations and refunds are executed through the same process as ticket reservation.
  • Reservation approval numbers (Summer Night Breeze, JIMFFriends) are not available for use.
Novo, Living as an Artist

A Special Class with Visual Artist Novo! Talk about his life of an artist and a runner.
This class will share behind-the-scenes of this special exhibition “More Hope JIMFF” and Novo’s artistic style - which includes diverse genres and wittily conveys one’s stories.

2019-08-10 13:00 Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage
(former.Dongmyung Elementary School)
200 40 min

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Up-cycle Camera Class with Filmlog

Single-use Camera is hard to replace because they are integrated, but JIMFF, which makes with nature, has prepared to recycle single-use cameras that are discarded. Why don't we have a meaningful time to create an eco-friendly “Up-cycle” camera with the secret of "Filmlog" Enjoy ₩40,000 worth of the class at Jecheon International Music & Film Festival only for a low price!

2019-08-10 16:30 Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage
(former.Dongmyung Elementary School)
300 80 min
Hard Liquor Adventure!

How about drinking a shot under the sky in Jecheon? It's more amazing if you know how to drink.
Anyone who loves alcohol, wants to know the taste of hard liquor!
Learn about hard liquor simply, and find your favorite drink.

2019-08-10 18:00 Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage
(former.Dongmyung Elementary School)
400 60 min

“Hard Liquor Adventure!” is an alcohol-related class, so not for under 20 (born after 2001).

Create the JIMFF Jingle with an iPhone

Get close to the tricky “GarageBand” in one lecture!
You don't know how to make music?
No problem! You can make your own music if you follow what the instructor teach you.

2019-08-11 13:00 Dongmyung-ro 77 Stage
(former.Dongmyung Elementary School)
500 60 min

“GarageBand” is an iOS application, so it’s only for user of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch