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제15회 제천국제음악영화제


“JIMFFriends” is a ticket package for only 100 enthusiastic fans of JIMFF. It provides reservation approval numbers available for both online and on-site reservations. We strongly recommend this package to all who wants to enjoy their summer with dreamy concerts and beautiful music films.

Sales Period July 15 (Mon), 2019 14:00 - July 19 (Fri), 2019 18:00
Sales Quantity 100 (one person can buy only one)
Price ₩55,000
Benefits Purchase 10 tickets in advance - Providing reservation approval number
- Counting one ticket for General Screening / Counting two tickets for JIMFF Live Music Talk, Cool Night / Counting five tickets for One Summer Night
Badge Special badge (reservation is available with a barcode)
Free tickets Two Opening Ceremony tickets for one person
Free beverage With JIMFFriends badge, a complimentary drink is provided at the guest center (Jecheon Civic Center) once a day.
Special gift Special gift only for JIMFFriends
Purchase Methods For foreigners; e-mail to ticket@jimff.org