Opening Film

The directorial debut of this Polish screenwriter Bartosz Blaschke, Sonata is based on the true story of Grzegorz Płonka, a 14-year-old boy who overcame hearing impairment through music. Grzegorz is a child with autism trapped in his own world. By chance, however, his family finds out that his disability is due to hearing impairment, not autism, and a new challenge lies ahead of Grzegorz and his family. The film persuasively depicts the confusion and shock of Grzegorz, who encounters the sound-filled world through medical help, and his passion for piano that he comes to have out of the confusion. It also builds a sincere and detailed image of the family who wins through the situation with Grezegorz. It could have easily jumped on the myth of genius musician who overcame disability with outstanding talent, but the film builds an understated drama while avoiding the temptation of such cliché until the end. What the film gained from this is the universal echo of the narrative and the dignified resonance that continues for a while after the film is over. 

Total Counts : 1


Bartosz Blaschke

Poland | 2021 | 118min | DCP | Color | Fiction | G | Asian Premiere