All About Korean Music Film

Co-hosted by JIMFF and the Korea Film Archive, "All About Korean Music Film" is a Korean music film archiving project that discovers forgotten Korean music films, introduces them to current audiences, and recreates Korean film history in terms of music film. While the concepts of music film and music in the film were re-defined and the origin and historical, cultural specificity of Korean music films were explored in 2021, this year we examine the mid-1960s & 1970s, when the Korean film and music industry sought co-prosperity, through the key word Nam Jin, while restoring and screening Hometown(1968) and Best Singer(1975). At the same time, the film A Little Star starring Korea's only family band-Little Star-, and directed by the late Gang Mun-su (both the director and the father of the band), has been restored and will have a special screening at JIMFF 2022. Director Robert Wise's The Sound of Music(1965) will give you a sense of intertextuality with A Little Star which used to be called Korean Sound of Music. Along with the restoration of the three films, the festival also prepares the forum, the publication of "JIMFF Library Collection" and the special performances by Nam Jin and the family band, Little Star (with Kang In-bong from the band Scenery of Riding Bicycle and the signer Kang Ae-riza).  ProgramEvent : Forum

Total Counts : 4

A Little Star

Gang Mun-su

Korea | 1975 | 104min | DCP | Color | Fiction | G | World Premiere (Restored)

Best Singer

Kim Kee-duk

Korea | 1975 | 105min | DCP | Color | Fiction | 15 | World Premiere (Restored)


Park Jong-ho

Korea | 1968 | 85min | DCP | Color | Fiction | 18 | World Premiere (Restored)

The Sound of Music

Robert Wise

USA | 1965 | 185min | DCP | Color | Musical | G