Made in Jecheon

Made in Jecheon is a section for the local films that features the films directed and produced by filmmakers from Chungcheongbuk-do including Jecheon-si or who are working in the region. This year, it will show 4 films including the only feature film Inside a Funeral Hall that is a funeral farce led by experienced actors such as Son Jong-hak and Jo Eun-ji. Dealing with the feelings of a mother who prepares for her daughter’s independence, a short film A Bird Flies Away forms a rich emotional bond with a wide range of generations of audiences. Anothet two short films, Unusual Guitar which tells the story of a person being led by a guitar that plays only to him and Looking for IMYMEMINE which tells a profound story about the art of two men and a woman, will make you attracted to the Jecheon area by harmonizing the settings and the stories. 

Total Counts : 4

Inside a Funeral Hall

Lee Ho-hyun

Korea | 2022 | 63min | DCP | Color | Fiction | 12 | World Premiere

A Bird Flies Away

Kim Hyo-kyung

Korea | 2022 | 20min | DCP | Color | Fiction | G | World Premiere

Looking for IMYMEMINE

Hwang Donguk

Korea | 2021 | 19min | DCP | Color | Fiction | 12 | World Premiere

Unusual Guitar

Won Yu, Bae Jinjoo

Korea | 2022 | 13min | DCP | Color | Fiction | G | World Premiere