Official Poster
This year’s poster uses two key colors to capture the exuberance of Korea’s one and only music film festival: ‘Jecheon blue’ conveying the city’s beautiful lake and ‘Jecheon yellow’, the color of forsythia flowers which are symbolic of Jecheon. The use of such geometrical figures as oblongs, circles and triangles based on simplified hangul consonants from the name of the festival conveys colorful rhythms and reflects our determination to move the hearts of many through film and music. In addition, as per the increasing interest in Korea’s unique writing system within the realm of global pop culture, the poster is imbued with originality. The typography takes as its motif Jecheon’s beautiful landscape and film cases symbolizing cinema, and thus expresses the festival’s unique identity. The form of what appears of a pile of blocks denotes the joyful act of compiling, thereby raising our expectations for a new kind joy to be found at the 17th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival.


Director PARK Heung-sik

After the splendid directorial debut in 2001 winning Baeksang Arts Awards for Best New Director with I wish I had a wife, director Park Heung-sik proved his unique directing ability again with his next film, My Mother The Mermaid (2004) winning Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Director. Since then, he has introduced films of various genres, including Bravo my life (2005), Sorry, Thank you (2011), Children of Heaven (2012), and Memories of the Sword (2015).
In particular, Love, Lies (2016) has won enthusiastic acclaim for its beautiful portrayal of the era with the 1940s music.


Today is the first day of the 1st Jecheon International Music & Film Festival 2005. Su-an (Kim Suan, an actor), a 17-year-old girl, runs toward the movie theater with a violin case on her shoulder.
She runs up the stairs and down the hallway to arrive at the theater. The film has already begun on the screened, and an orchestra member who was tuning an instrument on the screen beckons Su-an to join quickly. Su-an going into the screen without hesitation. As soon as she enters, the black-andwhite screen changes to color and Su-an, who joins the orchestra, starts playing the violin. Now in 2021, the 17th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival begins.

Intention of Directing

I wanted to clarify the identity of the event as a music film festival. A girl runs through time and space into the screen and plays the violin. I planned and produced the trailer with the idea thinking “Is there a better setting than this to combine music and film?”