JIMFF Cinema in Jecheon

Target The Culturary less Priviledged in Jecheon
Date Late July ~ Late October, 2020

This year, we present the “JIMFF Touring Theater” for the first time that will be available during the festival period and throughout the year. It offers cultural events such as tour screenings and performances to the culturally less privileged in Jecheon. Sponsored by the Korean Film Archive, it gives a rare opportunity to enjoy silent films in a new way along with the live performance by the JIMFF Band consisting of local musicians from Jecheon.

Silent film Screenings
A Prosecutor and a Teacher

Young-ae gives shelter to an escaped convict, but misconstruing her, her husband intents to kill Young-ae with a knife from the kitchen, and accidentally stabs himself to death. The prosecutor in charge of this case is fortunately a former student whom Young-ae took care of when she was an elementary school teacher. He diligently investigates the incident, thinking about the affection of the old teacher. Eventually, the prosecutor reveals that her husband was accidentally stabbed and killed.

Turning Point of the Youngsters

After spending 7 years as a manservant in his fiancé's house, Young-bok gets kicked out of the place. He works as a baggage carrier in Gyoungsung station and falls in love with Gye-soon. However, when the gangsters have their way with his sister and Gye-soon, Young-bok is determined to get revenge. This is the oldest Korean film in existence, embracing a variety of genres including action film, melodrama, and comedy.