JIMFF conducts Jecheon International Music & Film Academy(JIMFA), which has been providing special opportunity to make film music after attending lectures of best domestic and overseas music directors since 2006. High quality of lecture, group practice and mentoring programs will signpost and help to make practical direction to students who want to be professions of film music. The 15th JIMFA will be proceed on an excursion of 7 days and 6 nights, 13 Aug (Thu) ~ 19 Aug (Wed), 2020. All of the students will be provided with accommodations and Badge (ID card), which allows admission of every festivity and movie of JIMFF, including the opening and closing ceremony and performance shows for the festival.

이 테이블은 좌우로 슬라이드가 가능합니다.
Organizer An executive committee of JIMFF
Period August 13 (Thu) ~ August 19 (Wed), 2020 [7 days and 6 nights]
Venue Cheongpung Resort Lake Hotel
Content Training camp with best domestic music directors
Applicants University (College)/ Graduate student, relevant majors, every would-be film musician
Participants Total 30 (by order of enrollment)
Application Period 3 June (Wed) ~ by the deadline
Cost KRW 600,000
  • ⑴ Practical education of overall process of film music production
  • ⑵ Practical training and exercise of film music production
  • ⑶ Special lectures of best domestic music directors
  • ⑷ Personal mentoring by instructors who are music film directors
  • ⑸ Participation in festivity and performance show