Pitch Punch Selection

Oral Folk Song
  • Director LEE Byunghoon
    Drama | Short

Gyeongsoo, a 28-year-old man who suffered from insomnia because of his job-search difficulties, is enchanted by the beautiful song by a woman named Siyeon in an empty park where he takes a walk at night. She sings the song without knowing the title, and he asks her the story of song. Gyeongsoo knows it is a ghost song, but he secretly records the sound of the song because it seems to help his insomnia.

Remember Our Sister
  • Director JO Hayoung
    Drama | Short

After the war, in 1967, the military camp town was a secret place of pleasure filled with dollars and food. It was created for the entertainment of the US military, but there is one child who enjoys it very well. It is “Hong,” the younger sister of “Yojeong” who is the most popular dancer in the village. She thinks the military camp town is the perfect place compared to the outside world where she had to starve every day. However, her sister, who works at a brothel, wants to go back hometown with Hong. And on one ordinary day, Yojeong was found murdered.

  • Director JEONG Seongjun
    Drama | Short

Taxi driver Jincheol could not pick up a long-distance customer because of a guitar which was left in his taxi by a young man. After this upsetting situation, he decides to sell the guitar in Nagwon Music Arcade. When he was just about to sell the guitar, he gets a call from the young man. The young man suggests him 200,000 won for bringing the guitar back to him. Jincheol drives to the overpass where the young man is at. And there, he listens to the young man's performance.

  • Director MOON Jaewoong
    Drama | Feature

Pianist Myungjin came to Jeju to have a concert. On the way to Seogwipo, he comes across Eunhye, whom he loved in college. In the past, he loved her, but left for Germany without a confessing his love for her. As Eunhye's flight gets canceled due to wind shear, she gets tied up in Jeju for another day. She decides to go to the piano concert with Soonho, an author she met at a book fair. When it is likely to become a romantic night filled with the sound of piano for Eunhye and Myungjin, troublemakers come between them to make their night long and tired.

POCO A POCO: Little by little
  • Director KIM Youngjoon
    Drama | Feature

Gihoon is drawn to a piano abandoned in a secret passage down the railroad, where he meets Yuna. He proposes to make a band for Yuna who quitted playing piano a long time ago. Gihoon's songs, with the image of those days when they moved the abandoned piano together, evoke her longing for music. He makes songs together to comfort Yuna, who has blamed herself for her brother's death. His lyrics express his sympathy for her. On a starry night, Gihoon puts their songs on an old radio wave transmitter. The music of the two of them traverses the universe.

Has Got the Blues
  • Director KIM Younghwan
    Drama | Feature

Joohyuk, a member of the k-pop group, suffers from depression after his brother's death. When his symptoms get worse, Jeongah, the chief director of the company decides to temporarily give him a break from all the work, even though their concert was coming up in days away. Joohyuk, gradually recovering, meets an indie musician Sungeun and they spend their time making music together. In the excitement of the moment, he sings their new song at Sungeun's concert. When fans found this out, they turn against Joohyuk and put his whole team in crisis. He asks the fans for forgiveness, but it doesn't work. To make matters worse, the group is disbanded for drug use of another member. Joohyuk and Sungeun, both kicked out of the company, prepare their new music on a shoestring budget.

Endless, Nameless 
  • Director KO Seunghwan
    Documentary | Feature

Indie musician “Jigo” released his first film in 10 years, however it failed to appeal to the public. And after a break up with his long time love, he almost fled to Jeju. Jigo, his real name is Jisoon. Likewise, depressed by a break up and unemployment, I (the director of the film), was comforted by his music and decides to visit him. I tell him that I want to make a music documentary about him. When I continue to film only his boring routine between bakery and his house instead of a music documentary, he thinks that he should do something for the film. When receiving the news of this mother's illness, he eventually becomes concerned about his livelihood. Nevertheless, I suggest his that he performs a concert, although it may be the last one.

Song of the Poet
  • Director GOH Youngjae
    Documentary | Feature

The first documentary about the 40-year music life of JEONG Taechoon who is Korea's most famous singer-songwriter for resistance music. A passionate artist who dreamed of changing the society, he suddenly quit singing with the declaration “I will get off the civilization train” in the early 2000s. Having been forgotten for a while, he appears on the stage again. While preparing a national tour to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his debut, he discovers a score he had written 30 years ago. The pain and sorrow of young JEONG Taechoon are  recorded in it. Like in time travel, he faces those days and the song he made.