JIMFF OST Market Finalists

Byun Dong Wook
  • Graduate of 9th Jecheon International Music & Film Academy
[ TV Series ]
2022tvN Twenty Five Twenty One - Composition and arrangement
2021tvN Navillera - Composition and arrangement
tvN Doom at Your Service - Composition and arrangement
tvN You Are My Spring- Composition and arrangement
tvN Voice Season 4-Composition and arrangement
tvN Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha -Composition and arrangement
[ Pop Music ]
2020Mugamgak, ‘Heart’ - Arrangement and performance
2019Baek Ji-young, ‘Ballad’ - Arrangement and performance
Mugamgak, ‘Your Village, Heart’ - Arrangement and performance
2018MIGYO, ‘The Last Word ‘and ‘Enough’ - Arrangement and performance
Dokyum, ‘Missed Connections’ - Arrangement and performance
Lee Woo ‘010(gong-il-gong)’ - Composition, arrangement, and performance
2017GB9, ‘Star’ - Arrangement and performance
Jung Mijo, ‘Moondeuk Yibyeol’(문득 이별: Sudden Farewell)- Composition
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DWMU ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ - Arrangement
DWMU X HWANG YUN SEONG BRAND CONCEPT MOVIE - Composition and arrangement
Donginbi ‘SPA 1899’ - Composition and arrangement
The Spring Home 2019 A/W- Arrangement
Son Han Muuk
  • Graduate of 9th Jecheon International Music & Film Academy
[ Film ]
2021Pipeline (Feature) - Composition
The Birth of a Band (Short) - Production Manager and Music director
2020Run Boy Run (Feature) - Music director
2019Parterre (Short) - Music director
2018Land of The Strangers (Feature) - Music director
[ TV Series ]
2022SBS Today's Webtoon (scheduled to premiere on July) - Composition
tvN Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist (scheduled to premiere on August) - Composition
2021TV Chosun Accidental Family - Composition,
tvN My Roommate Is a Gumiho - Composition
2020JTBC 18 Again - Composition
2019SBS Doctor John -Composition
[ Media Art Exhibition ]
2022‘Laneige LIFE OASIS 2.0’ - Music director
2020~2021LOTTE WORLD TOWER Media Facade - Music director
Lee Myoung Ro
  • Graduate of 9th & 10th Jecheon International Music & Film Academy
[ Feature Film ]
2021Decision to Leave - Composition team
2019Seobok - Composition team, The Man Standing Next - Composition team,
The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil - Composition team
2018The Spy Gone North - Composition team
[ TV Series ]
2018BBC One The Little Drummer Girl - Additional composing
Jeong Na Hyun
  • Graduate of 13th Jecheon International Music & Film Academy
[ 영화 ]
2021On the Line - Music team, Letter from A Priest - Music team, Recalled -Music team,
A Year-End Medley - Music team, Spring Song - Orchestration
2015Love and… - Assistant music director
[ Animated Film ]
2020Eyes eyes (Short) - Music director
2017ISLAND (Short) - Music director
2014The 7th Dwarf - Assistant music director
[ Game ]
2022Huh it cha! Sejanim(허잇차! 세자님: Oh My! Crown Prince) - Music director (Scheduled to launch in 2023)
[ Theater ]
2020Chronicle of Alibis - Music assistant
[ Musical ]
2019Children’s Musical The Story of Under the Sea - Orchestration
[ Web Drama ]
2018A period of that day - Music director
[ Short Film ]
2020Silver Delivery (Selected in the competition section at Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival)
Zombie (Selected at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival)
2019Call (Selected in the Korean Competition at Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-Short Image &
Film Festival), Agreement (Selected in the competition section at Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival)
2018Human Stone (Selected at Fantastic Fest)
2017Catch me (Selected at Center for Asian American Media Fest in San Francisco)
2016My Sweety Baby (Selected for Festival de Cannes Short Film Catalogue),
knock knock knock (Selected for the competition section at Persons with Disabilities Film Festival)
2013I'll Give You My Panties (Selected in the competition section at Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival)
Other various short films include Juvenile Crime Law, Mother Su-mi, Mom’s Picnic, Laundry, Marlboro, Acting, Tropical Fish, Placement, Moving to Heaven, 23mm, Shaking Earth, The Lost Book, and What though life conspire to cheat you.
Choi Jong Ho
  • Graduate of 14th Jecheon International Music & Film Academy
[ Feature Film ]
2021Kazakh film Fire - Music director *Winner of Best Film Score Award at the Minsk International
Film Festival Listapad in Belarus, 2021
Pipeline - Composition and arrangement, My Lovely Angel - Composition
[ Short Film ]
2020Pakistani film, Pakistan 1978 - Music
Ssukddeok directed by Jo Jung-gun (in production) -Music