Pitching Selection
404 still remain
  • Director Uhm Ha-neul
  • 120min | Color | Fiction | Drama
A senior in middle school Kyung-hwan transfers from the countryside to the big city Daegu, and he is a sexual minority with a hobby of listening to Japanese music. Kyung-hwan finds out that his classmate Jaemin listens to Japanese music secretly, and the two soon become close. School life, where grades and strength are the criteria for all ranks, is burdensome to Kyung-hwan, and Jaemin silently helps him. Kyung-hwan gradually becomes fond of Jaemin and one day, he confesses to Jaemin that he is a sexual minor. After that day, Jaemin suddenly becomes distant from Kyung-hwan and gradually changes…….
Nam Jin - The First Korean "Oppa"
  • Director Jung In-Sung
  • 100min | Color, B&W | Documentary | Human
This film looks back on the life of Nam Jin, a singer who had his heyday from the mid-60s to the mid-70s in the Korean music scene. It includes living legends of Korean music such as Park Il-nam, Johnny Lee, and Sul Woon-do, as well as young popular stars leading the trot genre of the present era such as Jang Yoon-jung, Park Hyun-bin, Song Ga-in, and Jang Min-ho. Along with interviews with various people, the film would like to look back on Nam Jin’s life, the history of the Korean music industry, and Korean history that changed with him.
We make, You Response - Who's Bach Anyway?
  • Director Yoochoi Neulsaem
  • 75min | Color | Documentary | Music
The band named We make, You Response was formed by a baker, a chicken feet restaurant owner, an essay teacher, and dog and cat owners. They did not even know an ‘m’ of music, and are busy and tired of making living, but make their own songs and sing together the only songs on Earth written by each member. They show a new world of amateurs on the periphery of the Korean music scene. It is your responsibility to listen to the songs by those living in Tongyeong, a sea village!
  • Director Kim Wookeun
  • 110min | Color | Fiction | Drama, Comedy
Jung-bae with no money, no job, and no backing is the leader of Black Paint, a heavy metal band. He is hoping that he will be able to make a hit song while performing on his only stage at a small club. However, when there is no audience for his performance, the club owner tells Jung-bae not to come out unless he changed the music genre. To make matters worse, he is virtually kicked out by the band members who want to quit metal and do pop music. Due to the arrears of rent, he is forced to search for jobs on the Internet. Then, he happens to see the recruitment of bands to participate into the rock festival competition and the winning benefits.
Looking for
  • Director Kim Taehee
  • 80min | Color | Fiction | Musical, Action, Comedy
The hard disk drive of a film disappeared right before its completion. The culprit is the director of photographer, but Director has been out of touch with all the staff since the filming due to discord. However, to complete the film, he swallows his pride and visits his friend, the sound director. But, only they get into a fight and he finds no clues where it is. Finally, he gets to be chased by the people he worked with... Will he be able to finish the film safely?
Homeless Kwon Jenny
  • Director Hwang Yoojung
  • 100min | Color | Fiction | Musical, Drama
There is the rest area for souls before they go to heaven. Three women aged 10, 25 and 75 gather there; they are Kwon Jenny’s three egos. “This was embarrassing, and that was fun,” they say. They used to live in the same house, love a man, and dream of a dream; the film is the story of three egos reflecting their life, a woman’s life.