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조직위원장 이장호

Organizing Committee Chairperson of the Jecheon International Music Film Festival

Lee Jang-ho

He is a director representing Korean films in the 1980s. In 1974, he made his successful debut in the film < Heavenly Homecoming to Stars >, and set a new record for the highest box office in Korean film history at the time. With this work, he created a new trend in Korean film and won the Rookie of the Year award at the 13th Grand Bell Awards and the 11th Baeksang Arts Awards for film. Since then, he has heralded in the new world of Korean realism films with < A Fine, Windy day > (1980). He established himself as a representative director of the 1980s, with the success of various genres such as < Children of Darkness > (1981), < Come Down to a Lower Place > (1982), < Declaration of Idiot > (1984), < Between the Knees > (1984), < Eoh Wu-dong > (1985), < Lee Jang-ho's Baseball Team > (1986).

He has directed a total of 20 films so far, and is considered a master of the living history of the Korean film industry. From the director of the first Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival to the current organizing committee chairman of the Seoul Film Commission, he is striving to develop Korean films.

집행위원장 이동준

Festival Director of Jecheon International Music and Film Festival

Lee Dong-june

He was inaugurated as the festival director of the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival in 2023. He has over 30 years of experience as a composer and film music director, and is still a master of film music in Asia, including Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam.

He is recognised as a person who has made a significant contribution to raising the level of Korean film music with his highly accomplished work that perfectly combines Korean sentiment and Hollywood-style sounds. Representative works include the films < The Ginkgo Bed > (1996), < Green Fish > (1997), < Shiri > (1999), < Taegukgi - Brotherhood in War > (2004), < Miracle in Cell No. 7 > (2013), < I Can Speak > (2017), <1947 Boston> (2023), drama < Iris > (2009), < Athena: Goddess of War > (2010), < Priest > (2018), performance < Nanta > < Jump >, musical < Rock Hamlet >, and many others. In addition, he works across asia, including Japanese films < In the Hero > (2014), < The Ringside Story > (2017), Chinese films < The Rookies > (2019), < Composer > (2019), < Shanghai Fortress > (2019), and Vietnamese films (2017). In Korea, he won all the major music awards at film festivals such as the Blue Dragon Film Festival, the Grand Bell Film Festival, and the Chunsa Film Awards. In 2019, he won the Music Award at the Golden Screen Awards in Los Angeles, USA, for his Chinese-Kazakhstan co-produced music film < Composer >, receiving rave reviews. In 2024, he was nominated for a composition award for <1947 Boston> at the 17th Asian Film Awards and is recognized as an international film musician.

Furthermore, he is engaged in various musical activities and has composed the official theme song of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in recognition of his international competence. The song has been used as an entry song for players in AFC-hosted games since 2015. To this day, he continues to lead the film music industry through his passion for music and artistic talent.


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